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Extended cookies policy and privacy in treatment of personal data

Cookies are small text files that visited sites send to user’s device (PC or smartphone), where they are stored and subsequently re-sent to the same sites on later visits, with the purpose to offer a better service or experience.

This site currently uses only “technical” cookies, and they are only used to allow the navigation in the site.

However, if you access a third party site following a link in our site (eg. Flickr), you may receive other cookies according to rules defined by the third party itself.

Most browsers allow the user to delete cookies from his/her device, to block cookie acceptance or to receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Please refer to browser documentation for relevant instructions.

This site is also ready to use in the future a Newsletter system to send news, advices and other free material. You can sign up for the newsletter in several parts of the site.
But what is more important is that you can unsubscribe from the list at any time. In every email, at the bottom, there is an unsubscribe link. Shouldn’t you be able to perform this operation, simply send us an email.
Newsletter data are managed by Mailchimp, one of the most famous mailing-list services in the world. You can also have a look at Mailchimp privacy policy. The service also includes tracking of conversions (signing ups for newsletter) by a monitoring pixel in the site.

Finally, the site has several pages from which you can send a request by email.  Also in this case, emails are managed by the third party service we are using (Themefuse  and Aruba) and data (email address, names etc.) are used only to answer to your requests.

We are the owners and responsible for the management of your data, which will not be transferred to others without your authorization.